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Law and Disorder November 17, 2008

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Pittsburgh police used tasers on protestors at a counter-recruting protest. Pittsburgh Tasering 2

Pittsburgh Taser Case: Two Women Bring Lawsuit

Here on Law and Disorder we’ve given periodic updates on key situations regarding tasers. We’ve covered cases in California and Florida, and on Amnesty International’s position. We bring another case where Mike Healey an attorney in Pittsburgh is cooperating with the Center For Constitutional Rights. Taser Shockwave: Taser’s Latest in Taming Dissent – Posted By Dalia Hashad

The case was brought by two people who were tasered multiple times even after they were arrested and put in police custody. Watch Video: Unneccessary Taser Use At Anti-War Demo Warning: Strong language/ Note also, use of canine intimidation.

Past Law and Disorder Taser Segments

Guest – Mike Healey, Pittsburgh attorney cooperating with the Center For Constitutional Rights.


chinatown entrance detention center tents ice.jpg

Mass Transfer Of Detainees From New York City To Texas

Today we’re joined by National Lawyers Guild attorney Maunica Sthanki to discuss the transfer of thousands of prisoners from detention centers in New York City to South Texas. Maunica works in a detention center in South Texas and says that unlike criminal cases, in detention cases there is no right to free court appointed counsel. The detainees are faced with navigating through a complex unfamiliar system. Detainees with mental illness were not always represented by a lawyer.

Maunica is working at Probar, a Texas based legal aid group. She explains the differences of between immigration law and criminal law to detainees. “When New Yorkers (detainees) come down to Texas, they’re used to the legal aid and Santuary for Families and all these non-profit service providers and then they find out I’m the only one to help out.”

Guest – Immigration attorney, Maunica Sthanki, she also describes the severity of the problems that detainess with mental health problems face while in detention centers.


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