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PBS Jim Lehrer Newshour interview with Michael Ratner and Jeffrey Smith

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Amnesty International USA: Guantanamo Cell Replica

In July 2008, Amnesty International USA brought a life size Guantanamo cell replica to the National mall in Washington DC. Activists and tourists gathered to experience the bleakness of being held in such confinement without hope. The cell replica visited the nation’s capital as a U.S. House Judiciary Subcommittee heard testimony on harsh interrogation techniques from Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff David Addington and former U.S. Justice Department lawyer John Yoo.

We listen to voices of tourists, activists and James Yee, former US Army chaplain, who ministered to Muslim detainees held at Guantánamo Bay Naval base. Yee as listeners may know, was the subject to an intense investigation by the United States. A special thank you to Karen Miller for gathering the audio for this segment.


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Left Forum Panel 2007

Bush and Company’s War on Civil Liberties and What It Means For Our Future

Law and Disorder Radio / Center for Constitutional Rights

Chair: Michael Steven Smith – Author/Attorney Download/Listen [9 MB]

Dalia Hashad – Director of Amnesty Int’l USA program Download/Listen [12 MB]

Vince Warren - CCR Executive Director Download/Listen [12 MB]

John Ehrenberg – Author and Professor L.I. University Download/Listen [10 MB]



What is the Green Scare? – How the Government is Targeting Eco-Activists.

Download/Listen to Green Scare Forum [41 MB]

The National Lawyers Guild recently sponsored the event “What is the Green Scare” – How the Government is Targeting Eco-Activists. Green

We have currently witnessed the return of the same fear mongering tactics utilized in the 1950s, specifically in the cooperation between US Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) and FBI Deputy Director John Lewis in the branding of environmental activists as domestic terrorists. Inhofe has stated that the difficulties in prosecuting under-ground environmental activists should result in the prosecution of above-ground environmental organizations. The FBI has engaged in an orchestrated campaign of issuing subpoenas to environmental activists, conducting large scale round ups of activists, imposing unprecedented penalties for property crimes and using threats of severe sanctions to leverage fear of conviction forcing individuals to turn state’s evidence.

Speakers – Daniel Meyers, a New York City criminal defense attorney, practicing since 1967. He is on the Executive committee of the NYC Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild and is a cooperating attorney at the Center For Constitutional Rights.

Andrew Erba, counsel for the SHAC 7 – The Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty Seven deepened the analysis with a discussion of the plight of defendants facing federal conspiracy charges such as accused drug dealers.

Brendan Story, a member of Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan. Originally from North Carolina, as a student at Vassar College, Story became active in struggles for social justice, helping to organize the Freedom Conference for Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War 2000.

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Oregon attorney Lauren Regan, Regan is a public interest attorney specializing in environmental law, civil rights and criminal defense. During her talk, Regan illustrated the arbitrary nature of criminalizing dissent by listing numerous civil disobedience cases that were dismissed by judges as honorable actions.





March 3rd, 2006 – Riverside Church, New York City

Background & Testimonials from Guests & Panelists that include: Alleged “black millitants” and members of the Committee for the Defense of Human Rights – Harold Taylor, John Bowman and Hank Jones.

From the Center for Constitutional Rights – Gita Guiterrez, Michael Ratner and William Goodman. Actor, Film Director and former Black Panther – Danny Glover

Download/Listen [25.5 MB]

Download/Listen [19.5 MB]

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