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Stop The Israeli Massacre in Gaza – Speech by Chris Hedges

On Tuesday, Jan 13th, 550 people attended a Revolution Books Emergency Town Hall Meeting held at the Center for Ethical Culture in Manhattan. The meeting demanded a stop to the Israeli massacre in Gaza, and condemned the U.S. role in this war crime. The emergency meeting was an important challenge to people to understand the horrific situation in Gaza, the causes and implications, and to act.

Chris Hedges:

  • Those who orchestrate these sieges, do not grasp the terrible rage born of long humiliation, indiscriminate violence and abuse.
  • 71 percent of children interviewed at a school in Gaza last year, said they wanted to be a martyr.
  • The refusal of our political leaders from Barack Obama to all but five members of Congress and the major media to speak out in defense of the rule of law and fundamental human rights exposes our cowardice and hypocrisy.
  • We have become monsters, militarized bullies, heartless and savage. We are a party to human slaughter.
  • We forget that the innocent who suffer and die in Gaza are a reflection of ourselves. Of how we might have been if fate, time and geography had made the circumstances of our birth different.
  • The lesson of the holocaust is not that Jews are eternal victims.  The lesson of the holocaust is when you have the capacity to halt genocide and you do not, no matter who carries out that genocide or who it carried out against, you are culpable.
  • We are very culpable, the F-16 fighter jets, the Apache attack helicopters, the 250lb GBU39 Smart Bombs are all part of the 3 Billion dollar a year aid we give to Israel.
  • But our indifference to senseless killing is expected, we kill women and children on a vaster scale in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Governments distort and manipulate facts, knowing that propaganda is a vital instrument in war.
  • Lies permeate absurd reports like the front page NY Times story titled A Gaza War Full of Traps and Trickery.
  • In this story unnamed Israeli officials justify bombing school because Hamas was firing mortars near the building. They offered a photo as proof. The photo was taken a year ago.
  • Reporters are asked to abandoned their trade and become stenographers.
  • Using unnamed Israeli officials to report the news is the poison of American journalism.
  • Gaza will be ruled in the future by warlords, clans and antagonistic mafias. Out of that power vacuum will rise a new generation of angry Jihadists.

Speaker – Chris Hedges, author of many books specializing in American and Middle Eastern politics and society. He spent nearly two decades as a foreign correspondent in Central America, the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans and right now, he’s a senior fellow at The Nation Institute in New York City and a lecturer in the Council of the Humanities.


The World Turns Away From Gaza: Abdeen Jabara

In the last few weeks, the focus has been on the humanitarian crisis and military devastation Gaza.  We’re joined by Abdeen Jabara, board member of the Center for Constitutional Rights, an attorney and the former head of the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Committee.  Abdeen Jabara gives us his perspective and reaction to the killings of thousands and damage in Gaza.

Abdeen Jabara:

  • 4100 Houses Destroyed, 17 Thousand Houses Damaged, 25 Mosques Destroyed
  • 31 Security Headquarters, 16 Ministry Buildings, 1500 Commercial Facilities
  • “The Palestinians must made to understand in the deepest recesses of their consciousness that they are a defeated people.” – Israeli militant
  • Attack Lebanon in 1982, the destruction rained down on that country drove the PLO out of Lebanon in to Tunisia.
  • What led to the Oslo Accord, then they split the Palestinian people, classic colonial strategy.
  • Its shocking to me how the world looked away as Israel slaughtered Palestinians.
  • . . that there has not been more of an outcry from the Europeans.
  • The Czech president of the European Union was very supportive of the Israeli bombardment on Gaza.
  • Now the Europeans that say they want to build in Gaza,  are adhering to Israel’s demand that none of this aid will go to Gaza that may aid Hamas.
  • The Israelis moved to attack because they knew that Bush was a known quantity.
  • Europeans are keeping a low profile on this, as economic pressure continues.
  • Very few people understand that Gaza is a very large open air concentration camp.
  • This was essentially a jail break on the part of Gaza, because they were being suffocated.
  • More than 50 percent unemployment in Gaza, the conditions of life there are untenable.
  • Aside from Chavez and Boliva, the world looked away.
  • I believe it’s difficult for secular people to grasp, they believe in individual rights, while the fundamentalism (in Gaza) is building.
  • Hamas’ popularity is going to grow. I see a much more pronounced religiously motivated movement.
  • There is a strategy to pit one group against the other to create chaos, as in what’s happening in Iraq.
  • Perhaps if the chief architect of the Oslo Accords had not been assassinated, there could’ve been real progress.
  • They want to divide the Palestinians and have Hamas stand in Gaza, impoverished.
  • The attack on Gaza, the ferocity and to grind the Palestinians into the ground, will lead to a lot of repercussions in places all over.
  • A lot of people do not want to talk about Zionism in the United States.  It is alive and well.
  • A lot of people talk about Israel as being post-Zionist, it’s not. It’s still in the process of inculcating the idea of the in-gathering of the exiles.
  • Brett Stevens from Wall St Journal, will speak at 92nd Street Y titled, Why Zionism Has Become A Dirty Word.
  • We have to talk about what Zionism is for people to understand the roots of this problem.
  • Israel is no longer giving out the names of the Brigade Commanders in Gaza for fear they will be tried in an International Court

Guest – Abdeen Jabara. Jabara has campaigned for more than two decades against harassment and the infringement of Arab-American’s First Amendment rights. Amid this, he scored a signal victory in his own suit against the FBI for its years of surveillance and harassment of him. He has led and helped organize fact-finding missions to Lebanon and the Israeli Occupied Territories, most recently leading a delegation of American mothers and grandmothers to Qana last May after the Israeli massacre of civilians there.


Law and Disorder January 19, 2009


Israel in Gaza: “A Time Comes When Silence Is Betrayal” – Michael Ratner’s Recent Post


Boycott, Divest, Sanction – Naomi Klein

Two weeks ago the 15 nation Security Council at the United Nations approved (14 in favor) an immediate cease fire in Gaza and full withdrawal of Israeli forces. The US abstained from the vote. Yet Israeli forces continue to use military force against Hamas and Palestinian women and children.

There are other ways to stop Israel says award_winning journalist and author Naomi Klein. In her recent Nation magazine article Boycott, Divest, Sanction, Naomi lays out measures that could economically slow down Israel. When weaker measures have failed such as protests, petitions and lobbying, Naomi writes that the Boycott Divest Sanction strategy is practical on a country so small and trade dependent. The strategy worked to help end apartheid in South Africa, and may have a real possibility to weaken Israel.

Naomi Klein:

  • These strategies are based on the effective methods used in anti-apartheid movement.
  • Including consumer boycotts and economic sanctions that governments would impose.
  • Israel’s lawlessness has intensified, from the attack on Lebanon to the siege on Gaza,
  • Despite this, there is the opposite of sanctions with Israel right now.
  • For example: Israel was invited as a guest of honor in the Paris book fair.
  • Israel signs free trade agreement with Mercosur.
  • Israel’s trade with Canada increased by 45 percent last year.
  • This has escalated Israel’s lawlessness and its time for a new strategy.
  • The two companies that are currently the focus of the BDS strategy – Motorola and Caterpillar
  • There’s a very well funded and organized anti-boycott movement/pro-Zionist movement that is spreading disinformation
  • They’ve re-framed the academic boycott as a Nazi style boycott of Jews.
  • This anti-boycott campaign is more aggressive than the actual boycott campaign.
  • It also targets companies to boycott who are boycotting Israel
  • End the Israeli Occupation
  • Hang Up On Motorola
  • Why boycott Caterpillar? – CCR
  • Boycotts also target Israeli wine, Israeli fruit, Israel tourism.
  • Israel is being singled out not for tougher treatment but for lenient treatment.
  • The attack on Gaza was pre-planned since last March.
  • What Israel is doing is very similar to what the US is doing in Iraq and Afghanistan; “responding to terrorism.”
  • I’m hearing from my friends and colleagues in Israel that they really want sanctions to come from the outside, because they’ve lost hope for any internal pressure.
  • There is a one sided boycott going on. It’s been going on for 18 months and its this brutal, illegal, embargo on Gaza imposed by the state of Israel and the United States, and Canada, etc.
  • This is depriving Palestinians of food of life saving medicine, of water, of cooking fuel.
  • Its just amazing to me that they would call this international legal boycott that would deprive Tel Aviv of some international symphonies as “one sided.”
  • Regarding doing interviews and writing recent article: It’s always a difficult calculation of – when do you want to leave yourself open to the onslaught of hate and propaganda. . .?
  • Writing this column wasn’t courageous, it was cowardly. I thought about writing this column about five times over the past couple of years. In many ways this is the easiest time to call for a boycott.

Guest – Naomi Klein, author of The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism and the earlier international best seller, No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies; and the collection Fences and Windows: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Globalization Debate.


Adam Shapiro: Israel’s Continued Assault On Gaza

Now into its fourth week, the Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip has been called catastrophically misguided by human rights supporters. Thousands have come out to protest the bombardment of the residents in Gaza, where the Palestinian death toll is nearly one thousand and more than 4000 injured. Add to that a media blackout around the world about the real facts on the ground in Gaza as Israeli forces use advanced weaponry such as white phosphorus ammunition in civilian areas.

Adam Shapiro: International Solidarity Movement

  • International Solidarity Movement: brings people around the world to come join the Palestinians in solidarity -using non violent resistance to concretely and strategically oppose what Israel is doing in the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem.
  • ISM has evolved in Jerusalem as eyewitness and reporting.
  • Some of you may have seen a youtube video that’s making the rounds of Huwaida standing up to Israeli soldiers
  • She is physically standing in front of Israeli soldiers who are pointing to shoot at Palestinian protesters.
  • The Israeli Defense Force talking point of “merely defending themselves”, ignores the last forty years of history of direct occupation of the Gaza Strip.
  • The blockade has led to the impoverishment of the Palestinians, which has led to some of the worst living conditions anywhere on the Earth.
  • 80 percent of Gazans are refugees of Palestine from 1947. Gaza is not their home.
  • Israel’s version of history is saying, “this conflict started when Israel started to fire back.”
  • Among the rocket fire that was occuring prior to the cease fire, most of them fell into empty areas.
  • These Hamas rockets were meant as a political message and not targeting Israeli civilians.
  • Israel’s arguement that it is acting in self defense is “pure fabrication.”
  • There is no mistake that this war was pre-planned and pre-organized.
  • We know that before the Gaza attack, Israeli soldiers trained in mock Gaza urban settings.
  • We also know that Israel prepared its people months in advance for going to war.
  • If you use overwhelming force you can eventually bend the political party to your will.
  • Arab parties are banned from running in the next Israeli election.
  • NY Times printed that 80-90 percent of Israelis support the war in Gaza. Ridiculous when more than 20 percent of Israelis are Arab.

Guest – Adam Shapiro, human rights activist and documentary filmmaker. He was the co-founder of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), in Palestine, a pro-Palestinian organization, the stated mission of which is to bring civilians from around the world to resist nonviolently the Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip. His latest film is the documentary series, “Chronicles of a Refugee.”


Law and Disorder January 12, 2009


Saul Landau – Cuba 50th Anniversary

Then and now, Venezuela and Cuba, 1960_2008

Hosts talk with author and internationally known scholar Saul Landau about his recent article titled Then and Now, Venezuela and Cuba, 1960-2008 and the Cuban 50th Anniversary.
Saul Landau:

  • It’s almost a miracle the revolution in Cuba survived 50 years, considering the United States was determined to destroy it.
  • In light of all that the Cuban revolution emerges as something miraculous.
  • One looks at Cuba today, one finds lots of despair, especially after 3 brutal hurricanes.
  • You see Cubans hanging out in the street in the middle of the work day, drinking beer, not exactly a sign of high spirited socialist morality.
  • Some are plotting to go to Florida, where they still think there’s some paradise waiting for them. Some do succeed, cleaning the toilets at the Miami airport.
  • I kept saying to myself, if someone came over from Europe to the United States in 1862, they would say “Oh, this place had so much promise.”
  • I see the Cuban Revolution as a total success, in the sense it achieved all of its goals and then some.
  • When I first went to Cuba, I was 24 at the time, the kids were running ministries and it was creative anarchy.
  • Pre – Bay of Pigs: Cuba survived so many US based sabotages, terrorist attacks were launched from the United States.
  • Some were assassination attempts on Fidel Castro, some were attempts to burn down Cuban installations.
  • Fidel set out the goals of the Cuban Revolution that were established in the 1860s with the first war of Cuban Independence against Spain.
  • Which meant not taking crap from the United States. However, anyone who defied the United States was removed from office by the Marines, or overthrown by a coup backed by the US.
  • Removed from office in Domican Republican in 1965, Removed from office in Brasil in 1964, Ghiannah, the coup in Chile.
  • Here Fidel stands for Cuban sovereignty which means disobedience.
  • Today Cuba has 70 thousand doctors. 20 thousand in Venezuela, plus Cubans were actors on the world stage.
  • Cuban soldiers helping stop apartheid in Southern Angola in 1986-87, and paved the way for independence in Angola and the release of Nelson Mandela.
  • The Cuban Revolution WAS successful. Now, there are many professionals, such as engineers and doctors working as cab drivers or making pizza. The salary and wage structure are not just.
  • When the Soviet Union collapsed, the Cuban economy tanked and Cubans were on their own. They’ve buying and selling illegally, which in the last 18 years, has had a corrosive effect. Each Cuban has had to have some sort of hustle in order to get along. Cuba must begin to make reforms now.
  • Upsides: They can’t get evicted or homes foreclosed on them/ Access to the best medical care.
  • A gerontocracy has been running Cuba for security reasons and they have to hand the car keys over to their middle aged kids.
  • You have no right to practice opposition politics. Which is a minus. When you have highly educated people without access to the internet, creativity and productivity suffers.
  • Ironically, the US and Cuba military have had good relations.
  • Once the travel ban and embargo is dropped, and a million Americans come pouring in with fat wallets, the state has basically lost control of the economy.
  • If they can’t trust the citizens to back up the system that has given them these rights, the right to housing, jobs, education, medical care etc.
  • The counter-revolution was exported to Florida, (Republican Cubans – Miami) that’s where they are.
  • Obama Administration – look for travel ban lifted for Cuban Americans. For the first time the President of the United States will owe nothing to the Cubans in Miami.
  • Raul Castro has offered a swap of prisoners with new president
  • Monroe Doctrine Funeral : Established 1823, written by John Quincy Adams, essentially saying that European colonial powers should stay out of Latin America

GuestSaul Landau, an internationally known scholar, author, commentator, and filmmaker on foreign and domestic policy issues. Landau’s most widely praised achievements are the over forty films he has produced on social, political and historical issues, and worldwide human rights. Landau has written over ten books, short stories and poems. His films include: Fidel, 1968 /Cuba and Fidel 1974, / The Uncompromising Revolution, 1990. To order films send email to RoundWorldProductions at


RNC 8: Terrorism Charges Filed, Free Speech Chilled

Eight alleged leaders of the Republican National Convention protest organization called the RNC Welcoming Committee have been charged under the 2002 Minnesota Patriot Act with Conspiracy to Riot in Furtherance of Terrorism. The RNC 8, may each face up to 7 and a half years in prison for their alleged roles in the RNC protest activities. The charges against the RNC 8 follow a year’s worth of investigation by the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Department with coordination of state and federal agencies that had infiltrated and collected information on the group.

The RNC 8 are Monica Bicking, Eryn Trimmer, Luce Guillen Givins, Erik Oseland, Nathanael Secor, Robert Czernik, Garrett Fitzgerald, and Max Spector

According to Bruce Nestor, Minnesota Chapter president of the National Lawyers Guild, police did not find evidence of bomb making materials during the raids only common household items such as paint and computers. The National Lawyers Guild also mentions that police used paid informants that alleged the protesters intended to sabotage airports.

  • RNC Welcoming Committee: anti-authoritarian anarchist group. It is an open, public organization with a website and press releases.
  • Originally charged with conspiracy to riot in furtherance of terrorism.
  • Now, the Ramsey County attorney Susan Gertner in St. Paul Minnesota has added 3 more charges.
  1. Conspiracy to riot in furtherance of terrorism, second degree.
  2. Conspiracy to damage property in furtherance of terrorism.
  3. Conspiracy to damage property criminal charge.
  • With these charges the RNC 8 could get 20 years each under Minnesota patriot act style statute.
  • Includes property damage as an act of terrorism /some plate glass windows broken, some police cars damaged.
  • No property damaged occurred before the RNC 8 were arrested. Evidence Project – National Lawyers Guild

Guest – Gena Berglund with the Minnesota chapter of the National Lawyers Guild.

Harpers Magazine Panel: Justice After Bush: Prosecuting an Outlaw Administration

We hear from Elizabeth Holtzman, Author of The Impeachment of George W. Bush. The panelists at the event discussed methods available to a democracy to prosecute high officials in the Bush Administration and responded to Scott Horton’s Harper’s Magazine cover story called “Justice After Bush: Prosecuting an Outlaw Administration.”

Elizabeth Holtzman:

  • When the president takes the oath of office, treaties are the law of the land.
  • The president is responsible for carrying out the Geneva conventions.
  • The idea to torture in order to get information is not accurate. As a prosecutor, we handle murders, rapes, robberies, everyday in New York City and around this country.
  • We don’t get the information to solve these crimes by beating it out of people, we do it through smart detective work and we do it through careful investigation.
  • The idea that we can handle local crimes without torture or crimes of war is nonsensical .
  • It’s important for us not to get into this trap of the ticking clock. When you’re dealing with a serial rapists or murderer you got a ticking clock too.
  • We manage to deal with that everyday without torturing people in this country.
  • Impeachment: A person can be impeached after he or she has left office.
  • Statute: The Anti-Torture Act, it is a convention against torture making it a US crime. Which makes torture a felony prosecutable in the USA.
  • If death results from torture, there’s a death penalty, which means there is not statute of limitations.
  • Which means that somewhere down the line as long as these people are alive, they can be prosecuted and brought to justice.
  • The War Crimes Act of 1996, which makes it a federal crime to deal in a cruel and inhuman way with detainees. This can be prosecuted in federal courts.
  • So, whether “water boarding” is torture or not, is irrelevant under the War Crimes Act.
  • That’s why Alberto Gonzales, wanted to opt out of the Geneva Conventions with respect to the members of Al-Quaeda.
  • A little problem: The Supreme Court in the summer of 2006 ruled: the Geneva Convention applies to all US detainees. War Crimes Act liability.
  • While passing the Military Commissions Act, they also slipped in that the War Crimes Act would be in effect retroactively.
  • We need to restore the War Crimes Act because it has no statute of limitations. Restore as it was before October 2006, That will allow us no matter what to bring the prosecutions that need to be brought.


Law and Disorder January 5, 2009

Israel Attacks: Discussion with Author Joel Kovel and Guild Attorney Audrey Bomse

Last week Israel launched what has been described as one of the bloodiest attacks on Palestinians in Gaza since 1948. Protesters demonstrated worldwide as Israeli air strikes continued. Nearly 400 Palestinians have been killed and thousands injured from the bombing campaign. Targets of the strike include a Hamas building and an Islamic university. Gaza is approximately 146 square miles with a population density of 1.5 million, 2/3 of whom are refugees.  Israel Lets Palestinians Flee; UN Warns of Crisis.

Guest – Author Joel Kovel, politician, academic, and eco-socialist. He has lectured in psychiatry, anthropology, political science and communication studies. He has published many books including the controversial Overcoming Zionism: Creating a Single Democratic State in Israel/Palestine.

Guest – Audrey Bomse, a Lawyers Guild attorney working with the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group. Audrey has used her 25 years of civil rights legal experience to help establish training programs for attorneys representing prisoners in Israeli military courts and to produce ground_breaking public documents, such as a report published in conjunction with the Mandela Institute for Human Rights on the status of Palestinian prisoners. Audrey was also recently detained at Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport for 4 days.

Joel Kovel:

  • The Israeli invasion has been going on for 110 years.
  • People have been mystified because of the power of the propaganda system.
  • Zionism predates it Israel nearly 50 years, and is the driving force to remove non-Jewish from historic Palestine.
  • The logic of the force of Zionism, moves back to the early settlers who were not armed, and relied on devious means and foreign powers. = Terror Strategy
  • Balfour Declaration – To gather patrons for Israel. The US is the mega-patron.
  • In 1937 when there was a great Arab uprising, the Peel Commission decided on partitioning the state into Arab/Muslim and Jewish/Zionist.
  • There was consternation because the Zionists wanted the whole thing. Ben Gurion at the time, said don’t worry, once we get a state, we will continue the process of acquiring the whole thing.
  • Ilan Pappe, author of The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine
  • Unless you see it as a long range project, you’re going to be lost, with the notions of let’s have a cease fire or let the sides get together, negotiate.
  • You can’t conceive that the Israelis will negotiate in good faith once you realize how embedded this drive to eliminate everything non-jewish from Palestine.
  • So eventually, you have a concentration of a million and a half people in this very small part of southwestern Israel.
  • Then you have a democratically elected Hamas, elected because it was militant, it wouldn’t go along.
  • These 1.5 million people are now led by a group of people that can’t be bought off.
  • The U.S. not only provide Israel with the F16s, helicopters and cluster bombs, but also impunity.
  • This impunity includes the media, Hollywood, and universities.
  • A great conservative political philosopher said, “in a society, power consists of the capacity to give names and enforce definitions.”
  • Encouraging, boycott, divestment and sanction. Human Rights organizations release dependence on Israeli based funding. Human Rights groups do not condemn the occupation.
  • The apparatus is woven through the society, not that it can’t be dealt with, but it must be dealt with in the manner of which it exists.

Audrey Bomse:

  • Since the Hamas election in August 2007, there’s been a closure that’s getting tighter, first when Hamas took over,with the support of the quartet, the UN, the US, the EU and Russia.
  • They started cutting travel in and out of Gaza, and cutting the basic necessities out of Gaza.
  • This type of abuse was permitted by the world community.
  • Special Rappateur Richard Falk called the abuse a crime against humanity.
  • I see the cease fire as ending in November, not December. When Israel provoked a Hamas reaction.
  • Israel investigated tunnels out of Gaza during cease fire, killed 6 Hamas militants.
  • Hamas reacted with a flurry of rockets sent in to Israel. By the December 9 cease fire,
  • More rockets came from Gaza and Israel was able to portray itself as the victim.
  • I’m not supporting sending rockets into civilian areas, this is the inevitable situation Gaza is placed in.
  • They have to accept the circumstances or resist in anyway they can, which they do, and Israel uses that as an excuse to escalate, which they’re doing now.
  • I was involved with the Free Gaza Movement on the boat to Gaza, before the recent attacks. We brought in 5 tons of medical supplies and Palestinian doctors.
  • Very limited food, no milk available, there’s just enough food brought in to prevent massive starvation and widespread disease. I want to emphasize that this is a man-made catastrophe, its the consequence of a political policy.

Amnesty International USA: Gaza By The Numbers

Zahir Janmohamed, Advocacy Director with Amnesty International USA of the Middle East has posted a powerful article on the Amnesty International USA blog, where he’s documented the tremendous humanitarian catastrophe that the Israeli blockade has caused for the people in Gaza.

Zahir Janomohamed:

  • Price of food: Palestinian families in Gaza spend 37 percent of their income on food in 2004, in 2007, households spent 62 percent on food.
  • Prices of wheat rose 34 percent in a period of 2 months in 2008.
  • Richard Falk called the Gaza occupation a crime against humanity before the bombings.
  • In my mind the assault on Gaza was going on all of 2007 and 2008. Hospitals don’t have electricity, students dropping out of school because there are no textbooks.
  • For Israel to commit these attacks on this population at this time, it’s like attacking New Orleans during Katrina’s aftermath.
  • Gaza is basically a prison. They eat and move based on factors outside of their control.
  • Amnesty Report of March 2008 – Gaza Strip: A Humanitarian Implosion.
  • International law stipulates that these attacks be done so that civilian targets are severely avoided.
  • This is not possible in Gaza. To my mind, Israel broke the cease fire agreement, in early December, there were tons of supplies headed to Gaza from Libya that were blocked.
  • Number of Israelis killed by rocket fire in 2008 . . 11 , Nearly 400 Palestinians killed in seconds.
  • Israel has sort of carte blanche by the international community. Israel: If you test us, we’ll engage in collective punishment.
  • US supplies bunker buster bombs, approved by Congress in September 2008
  • The US policy on Israel is whatever Israel wants to do it can do.

Guest – Zahir Janmohamed, Advocacy Director with Amnesty International USA of the Middle East. Zahir is also the associate editor of altmuslim since 2004, works as the advocacy director for Middle East Programs at Amnesty International USA, and is the co-founder of the Qunoot Foundation, a Washington DC non-profit that seeks to promote socio-political education within the Muslim community.


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