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Think more people should hear Law and Disorder?

Call your local community or campus radio station and ask them to broadcast Law and Disorder. Stations can contact us through the website, we make the program available FREE to radio stations.

Stations broadcasting Law and Disorder Radio:

WBAI – New York City – 99.5 FM – Monday 9AM

KRFP – Radio Free Moscow – 90.3 FM – Moscow, Idaho – Monday  11AM

WRFN – Nashville, Tennessee – Radio Free Nashville 107.1FM – Thursday Afternoons

KSOW – Cottage Grove, Oregon – 106.7 FM

WYAP – Clay, West Virginia – 101.7 FM – Thursday  5:30AM and 7PM

KRFC – 88.9 FM – Ft. Collins, Colorado

WRCT – 88.3 FM – Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Monday  9AM

KWMD – 90.7 Kasilof, 104.5 FM Radio Anchorage, Alaska – Monday 9AM

WXOJ-LP 103.3 FM Northampton, Massachusetts – Monday 12-Noon

KEIF-FM 104.7 FM – Enid, Oklahoma – Sunday 7AM

Front Royal, Virginia  1640 AM

WPVM 103.5 FM – Ashville, North Carolina – Tuesdays 6AM / Friday 1PM

ISPCA Radio – Indiana – Online to Chicago/ Auckland/Atlanta/Boston/Melbourne – Tuesday 9AM

Moton Community House Radio – Online

WLRI – Gap, Pennsylvania – Monday 10 AM / Saturdays & Sundays at 10 AM

WPRR – 1680 AM Grand Rapids, MI – Wednesday – 5:00 am, 2:00 pm and 5:00 PM

WCRS – 1o2.1/98.3 FM Columbus Community Radio –  Central Ohio -Wednesday  12AM

KKFI, 90.1FM – Kansas City, Missouri – Tuesday 9AM

Free Radio Santa Cruz – Sunday 3PM

WSLR FM – 96.5 – Sarasota, Florida – Friday 10AM

KDX Internet Radio – KDX Worldround Radio – Central North America – Monday 2 PM/Thursday 1 PM/Friday 10 PM – Central Daylight

Lorain Community College Radio – Cleveland Ohio

WHUS 91.7 FM, Storrs, Connecticut –  Monday 7AM

WJFF Radio Catskill 90.5 FM

WDRT 91.9 FM – Viroquoa, Wisconsin

WERU – 89.9FM Blue Hill, 99.9FM Bangor, Maine –Tuesday 2AM

 KMUD  Garberville 91.1    KMUE Eureka 88.3    KLAI Laytonville 90.3    Shelter Cove 99.5 Wednesday 4-5 AM

Voice of Sacramento – Sacramento Community Radio 88.7 MHz – Wednesday 11AM / 11PM

WWPM-MediaNet – Nokomis, Illinois – Tuesday – 6PM

Community Radio For Cape Cod  WOMR 92.1 Provincetown – Saturday 4AM

WMHC 91.5 FM – Mount Holyoke College South Hadley, MA

KSER-FM 90.7 FM Everett, Washington – Wednesday 6PM

WHUS – 91.7 FM – University of Connecticut – Monday 7AM

Free Radio Olympia 98.5 FM – Olympia, Washington – 3 PM

WCRS LPFM 98.3 and 102.1 – Columbus, Ohio – Tuesday 11PM

KSKQ 94.9, Home Grown Radio, Ashland, Oregon – Monday 9AM

WAZU, 90.7 FM, Illinois Central College, Peoria, Illinois – Monday 11AM

WGCX 90.7 FM Community Radio, Greene & Columbia Counties, NY – Monday 10AM

KSVR 91.7 Skagit Valley Community Radio

KYRS 92.3 / 89.9 Thin Air Community Radio, Spokane, WA – Monday Noon

WQVR The Eye, 1640 AM Sandersdale, Southbridge, MA – Tuesday 8AM

WFTE-FM—90.3 and 105.7, Scranton and Mt. Cobb, Pennsylvania, Monday 9:30AM

Rochester Free Radio

WRFI–91.9 in Watkins Glen, WINO–89.9 in Odessa, and 88.1 in Ithaca, NYMonday 4PM

WEFT – 90.1 FMChampaign, Illinois

Radio Phoenix – Online Community Radio –  Phoenix, Arizona

Boston Free Radio – Friday 10AM

Geneva Community Radio: Your Voice For Many Voices In The Finger Lakes – Wednesday 7PM

KAOS – Olympia, Washington – 89.3 FM

KWTF – Sonoma County, California, Friday 7PM / Saturday 3AM, 10AM

Radio Free Kansas , Northeast Kansas

KBOO Community Radio -90.7 FM- Portland /100.7 FM-Corvallis /91.9 FM-Hood River – Rotation

WSCA – Portsmouth, NH – 106.1 FM

WZRD – Chicago, Il – 88.3FM

KOWA – Olympia, WA – 106.5FM – Tuesday Midnight

WRIR – Richmond VA– 97.3 FM

KMEC – Ukiah, California – 105.1 FM – Thursday 10PM

KSVU – Concrete, Washington – 90.1 FM – Thursday

WXPI – Williamsport, Pennsylvania – 88.5 FM – Saturday 8AM

KNSJ – San Diego, California –  89.1 FM – Rotation

KGHI – Westport, Washington – 91.1 FM – Rotation

Our Streaming Planet – Podcast – Saturday 10PM

WPFW – Washington DC – 89.3 FM – Monday 5PM

KPFT –  Houston, TX – 90.1 FM / Huntsville, TX – 89.7 FM / Galveston, TX – 89.5 FM Wednesday 5AM

WOOL-FM 91.5, Bellow Falls, Vermont – Black Sheep Radio – Wednesday 9AM

KGIG 104.9 FM – Salida, California – Rotation

KEUL 88.9 FM – Girdwood Alaska – Saturday 8AM

KRDI-LP 103.1FM  – Duvall, Washington – Friday 6PM

WUMD – 89.3 FM – University of Massachussets – Dartmouth – Thursday 7AM

KWRK-LP – 90.9 FM – Alaska Peace Center, Fairbanks Alaska – Wednesday 9AM and 8PM

WGRN-LP 94.1 FM – Columbus, Ohio – Thursday 5PM

WOOC 105.3 FM – Troy, New York


Please contact Law and Disorder producer so we can count you among our growing list of online stations (includes a link to your website), and we will notify you of upcoming programs and specials.


Timing and Cues

  • Total run time is 55 minutes (no hard breaks)
  • Optional cutaway at midpoint music break
  • Music in/out

Distribution options

  • Download programs each week – our website is updated every Sunday at 9:00pm EDT. Our homepage features the current week’s show at the top, other recent shows are archived on the right-hand side of the page, with the most recent month on top. Click through the appropriate link to get to the permanent archive page for that program.
  • Subscribe to our RSS/Podcast for automated program delivery

    Here’s how to catch our podcast:

    1) Get Pod-catching Software. We recommend Juice (formerly known as iPodder) – it’s free and works on all computers.

    2) “Subscribe” to Law and Disorder : Copy this URL

    … and paste it into Juice.

    3) Schedule Juice to download shows automatically.

    4) Listen:

    Non-iPod users: Once Juice downloads a show, you can then play it in your media player on your computer, or load it into your portable media player, just like any other mp3.

    iPod users: We recommend iTunes, which now includes podcasting. iTunes passes podcasts to your iPod just like any other mp3s. (We will be on iTunes very soon.)

    What IS Podcasting?

    ( from Wikipedia)

    “Podcasting is a method of publishing via the Internet, allowing users to subscribe to a feed of new files (usually mp3s). It became popular in late 2004, largely to automate downloading of audio onto portable players or personal computers.

    The word ‘podcasting’ can be misleading since neither podcasting nor listening to podcasts requires an iPod or any portable music player. Any digital audio player or computer with audio-playing software can play podcasts.

    Podcasting is distinct from other types of online media delivery because of its subscription model, which uses the RSS 2.0 XML (or RDF XML) format to deliver an enclosed file. Podcasting gives broadcast radio programs a new distribution method. You may subscribe to feeds using ‘podcatching’ software, which periodically checks for and downloads new content automatically.”

    What is RSS?

    RSS is an acronym for “Really Simple Syndication.” If you open our podcast (RSS feed) in your web browser, it looks like a bunch of gobbledygook.

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