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Law and Disorder Feb 27th Fundraiser WBAI

New Page 1The hosts of Law and Disorder would like to thank all listeners for their emails and feedback. This week we ask for your support of our program and WBAI 99.5 FM.

Our premium is the amazing book A Question of Torture – Author Al McCoy

question of torture bk.jpg

A startling exposé of the CIA’s development and spread of psychological torture, from the Cold War to Abu Ghraib and beyond
In this revelatory account of the CIA’s secret, fifty-year effort to develop new forms of torture, historian Alfred W. McCoy uncovers the deep, disturbing roots of recent scandals at Abu Ghraib and Guant?namo. Far from aberrations, as the White House has claimed, A Question of Torture shows that these abuses are the product of a long-standing covert program of interrogation.
Developed at the cost of billions of dollars, the CIA’s method combined “sensory deprivation” and “self-inflicted pain” to create a revolutionary psychological approach—the first innovation in torture in centuries. The simple techniques—involving isolation, hooding, hours of standing, extremes of hot and cold, and manipulation of time—constitute an all-out assault on the victim’s senses, destroying the basis of personal identity. McCoy follows the years of research—which, he reveals, compromised universities and the U.S. Army—and the method’s dissemination, from Vietnam through Iran to Central America. He traces how after 9/11 torture became Washington’s weapon of choice in both the CIA’s global prisons and in “torture-friendly” countries to which detainees are dispatched. Finally McCoy argues that information extracted by coercion is worthless, making a case for the legal approach favored by the FBI.

Our other premium: Download/Listen to Spychips interview [10 MB]

Spychips: How Major Corporations and Government Plan to Track Your Every Move With RFID


Hosts speak with co-author Liz McIntyre about RFID chips (Radio Frequency IDentification) a technology that uses computer chips smaller than a grain of sand to track items from a distance, mainly for inventory.

VeriChip Home Again chip rice and dime.jpg

But as Liz explains, plans and efforts are also being made NOW by global corporations and the U.S government to turn this advanced technology, these spychips, into a way to track our daily activities-and keep us all on Big Brother’s short leash.

Compiling massive amounts of research with firsthand knowledge, Spychips explains RFID technology and reveals the history and future of the master planners’ strategies to imbed these trackers on everything-from postage stamps to shoes to people themselves-and spy on Americans without our knowledge or consent. It also urgently encourages consumers to take action now-to protect their privacy and civil liberties before it’s too late.

————————————Upcoming Event—————————————

New Orleans 1973 to Guant?namo 2006

A discussion on torture at the hands of the United States government.

WHAT: New Yorkers Unite to Fight U.S. Torture from New Orleans to Abu Ghraib and Guant?namo

WHEN: March 3, 2006, 6:30 to 8:30 PM

Riverside Church, 91 Claremont Ave. Room 9T
(1 block west of Broadway)

Gita Gutierrez, CCR attorney representing Guantànamo detainees
John Bowman and Harold Taylor, Black Panthers tortured by New Orleans Law Enforcement in 1973
Henry “Hank” Jones, CDHR
Wayne Thompson, CDHR
Dr. Ron Daniels, Institute of the Black World 21st Century
Michael Ratner, CCR President
Bill Goodman, CCR Legal Director

The Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA) has called on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) to cancel its plans this April to provide Armenian Genocide deniers a national television audience.

Urge PBS Not to Give Air-Time to Genocide Deniers

New York Times Article

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