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Law and Disorder April 7, 2008


Please Help Stop the Execution of Troy Anthony Davis

Today on Law and Disorder we update listeners on the death row case of Troy Anthony Davis. Since our last July report on the case, Davis had a 90 day stay of execution and now on March 17, this year, the Georgia Supreme Court decided 4-3 to deny a new trial for Troy Anthony Davis, despite significant concerns regarding his innocence. Troy Davis was initially sentenced to death in Georgia, for the murder of a police officer. The case against him was built almost entirely of witness testimonies that were full of inconsistencies, even at the time of trial.

Amnesty International Report: Where is the Justice for Me (pdf)

Again, there is no physical evidence linking Troy Davis to the crime and no murder weapon has ever been found. Troy Davis was convicted of murder solely on the basis of witness testimony, and seven of the nine non-police witnesses have since recanted or changed their testimony, several citing police coercion. Others have signed affidavits implicating one of the remaining two witnesses as the actual killer.

Guest : Martina Corriea, Troy’s sister, who has been very active in fighting for justice in her brother’s case.


The Arrival of the American Police State – Left Forum 2008

“However narrow and restricitive American bourgeois democracy was before 9/11, it’s jridical and institutional underpinnings have been transformed by the Bush Administration (with the complicity of the Democratic Party) intor what can now most accurately be described as a police state.”

We hear from C. Clark Kissenger, long time activist, creator of the Not In Our Name project.

Watch and listen to entire Left Forum panel here

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Deepening Economic Crisis: What Laws Are In Place To Protect Against Economic Fleecing of the United States?

Two million families are on the brink of foreclosure, tent cities pop up along US city outskirts, and as UK press declare “depression” in the United States, we talk with Max Fraad Wolff , instructor at the Graduate Program in International Affairs, New School University. The media has reported that millions of US families took out loans to big for their incomes and were foreclosed, but hosts look at The Glass Steagall Act, mortgage sharking and banking predators.

Max is a freelance researcher, strategist, and writer in the areas of international finance and macroeconomics. His work can be seen at the Huffington Post, TheAsia Times, Prudent Bear, and many other outlets.

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